Have you thought about how your mood can affect your relationship with money?

   Few subjects in life are more emotionally charged and anxiety-inducing. When you shift your perceptions about money, you can literally change the trajectory of your entire life.  Money need not undermine your every effort, raining stress and struggle on your life’s parade. It can and should support you, work for you and enable you to live your dreams.

Wealth is your birthright – a wealth of love, a wealth of joy, a wealth of health and a wealth of money just to name a few!  You may be thinking, “Well, if it’s my birthright, where is it?”  Money may elude or confuse you, frustrate or intimidate you.  You may cling tightly to every dollar or spend like there’s no tomorrow.  You may even downright give your money away! It’s time to discover how you relate to money… your Money Mood.

If you found the website from picking up a copy of my book, thank you and I hope you found some inspiration.  If you found us by a google search then let me invite you to read my new book "Your Money Mood”: A Woman’s Guide to Shift Your Perceptions About Money. It’s an easy read and available in paperback or ebook format on Amazon.

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All the best,
Susan McEuen, CFP®, ChFC®

So, let's get started helping you unlock the wisdom you need to take control of your financial future!

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“This book is for EVERYONE! Money always brings out emotions in people. Written to engage you and guide you in self examination this book also has inventive examples, specific exercises, and intriguing questionnaires. Readers are given templates to identify their personal attitudes towards money and the behaviors that result in their buying, saving and investing styles. As a Fitness Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist ,  I have witnessed  strong connections between one's behaviors about their finances. The same behaviors motivate one's actions with relationship to food, exercise and nutrition.  Perhaps you too will make the connection and reap the rewards of your insights!” 
~ Margo Lydia Le Chat ISSA, NASM, NSCA, ASCM  Certified Specialist


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