This is not your typical money book. It is not about cutting up your credit cards, or finding the hottest stock, or how to get rich quick. As you turn page after page in "Your Money Mood" you will come to learn how to make managing your finances less intimidating and much more fun! Imagine having a deep knowing that money is truly your friend. It is this knowing and more that I so want to share with you!

Most of the women I counsel would prefer to talk about food, exercise, children, relationships, cellulite... anything but money! Why is this? Why do some women abdicate their financial responsibilities while others exert rigid control? And why do some women seem to downright repel money? You probably won't find the real reasons in your conscious mind. Believe it or not, the driving factor behind the financial decisions you make is not necessarily how much you know about money. If I were to ask you to close your eyes and answer this question, "How do you feel when you talk about or even just think about spending money, saving money, investing money or not having enough money?" how would you respond? Which emotional responses have just been triggered inside of you...? These specific and habitual emotions form what I call Your Money Mood.

"Your Money Mood" is not about fixing any aspect of who you uniquely are. It's about recognizing your "opportunities for growth" while making the most of your emotional attributes!

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