You can learn more about the advantages and opportunities faced by each of these women during their sessions with Susan as described in detail in YOUR MONEY MOOD book. Descriptions for the Money Mood Women below.


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This is not your typical money book. It is not about cutting up your credit cards, or finding the hottest stock, or how to get rich quick. As you turn page after page in "Your Money Mood" you will come to learn how to make managing your finances less intimidating and much more fun! Imagine having a deep knowing that money is truly your friend. It is this knowing and more that I so want to share with you!

    The Money Mood Women Attributes

Frugal Francesca

Exceptionally efficient and thrifty with money; simple needs make her very low maintenance; makes well thought out buying decisions; highly disciplined human!
Stringently tight controls over her money and her life; often pays with cash only and does not build credit; rarely makes time to have fun and enjoy life.

Debtor Danielle

Lives very much in the NOW; experiences a lot of fun and adventure living in this spontaneous, vivacious, carpe diem manner; believes that life is to be enjoyed!
Instant gratification oriented: buy now and experience the euphoria then pay later and experience the anxiety and the shame; impatient, impetuous and heavily in debt.

Generous Genevieve

Lives to give mentality; very magnanimous, compassionate nature; often involved in worthy causes; BIG heart!
Has trouble saying NO; takes care of others at her own expense; gives to everyone but herself and neglects her own financial future.

Perfectionist Penelope

Excellent work ethic: high achiever in every aspect of her life; extremely focused and productive – can do the job of ten humans!
Never satisfied and often frustrated; has trouble relaxing; hyper-critical of herself, and sometimes others; stressed out much of the time.




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